March 22, 2018

the cove: kitchen


Why not break back into blogging with a good before and after? Right? Those first three photos above are from the day we closed on our current home. Other than the Zaxby's trash on the counters, ALL of that was left in the cabinets and drawers from the previous homeowners. Most of it was donated, except for the electric griddle sitting up on the bar. We use that at least every other weekend to make huge batches of pancakes. And it's awesome. So thanks previous homeowners!

White cabinets are my jam, y'all. And the combination of the white cabinets in the kitchen along with several other things (sizeable guest bedrooms!), had us pumped about buying this house. The black counters and backsplash were not... our favorites. We also knew we wanted some open shelving somewhere.

It's funny how when you decide you want to sell your house, you find the time and the money to make your dreams happen. We started this kitchen renovation last September? Maybe October? Thinking we'd list our house last fall. We were a little ambitious. Ha! Anyway, I love pretty much everything about our kitchen now. It's light and bright and airy...


... and if all goes well, we'll be leaving it at the end of next month. With six people living in a three bed, two bath home, it's starting to get a little, um, cramped. And with three little boys needing to poop at the same time more often than not, we're in desperate need of at least one more toilet. Another bedroom (or two) wouldn't hurt either. But, in the meantime, we're enjoying our beautiful kitchen.

What are some things you love in a kitchen? Is subway tile your thing? Fan of open shelving? (My dad thoroughly dislikes ours, but that's ok. We love them!)
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