September 6, 2017

graham: first day of 3k.


Ever since his brothers went back to school at the beginning of August, Graham has been itching to get back to his own school. Every morning that we did school drop off for the big boys usually ended with the question of when he would go back. At three, it's really, really hard to understand time and calendars!

But the day came! And Graham was still excited. We met his teacher last week and when it was time to go, he just didn't want to. I was hoping the excitement would carry over to the first day of school, and as far as drop off went, it looks promising. I'll admit, I was a little concerned about drop off. It's Graham's first year to do a carpool line. I guess I was worried that he'd pitch a fit and refuse to get out of the car? I mean, his first drop off in 2k last year didn't really go all that well... But he did awesome! Didn't look back at me once!

Me? I cried. I mean, what? It totally caught me off guard too. I was talking to Tatum on the way home and just kind of broke down in tears. But I'm all good now and looking forward to hearing all about his first day at big kid school.

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