August 14, 2017

first day of third and first grade, 2017.


Every year summer seems to get shorter. There were plenty of things on our to-do list that simply didn't get done. But I think it's okay; the boys seemed to have a great summer, so we'll let those things slide. And possibly save them for winter break.


We now have a kiddo at the intermediate school. I kept paying attention to see if Cayden was showing any apprehension about heading into third grade at a different school. But if he was nervous about it all, he certainly didn't show it. He was excited, even. And he's still excited almost a week in. Perhaps it's because they've started changing classrooms for certain subjects this year. Or perhaps he likes new adventures and changes (he must get that one from his daddy!). Also? I'm pretty sure he grew more over the summer than he did in the entirety of the school year last year. I'm not going to recognize him at the end of third grade, am I?


Sawyer ventured into first grade on his own this year. He's still at the elementary school and he told me this morning that he really misses Cayden on the bus in the afternoons. But short of that, I think he's going to enjoy first grade. He has a couple of friends from last year in his class – one even sits right next to him – so I think that's helped him transition better without his brother as backup. This year is such a big learning year for him and I can't wait to see what all he learns. And he was reading was already going well; I know this year he'll be unstoppable with all the new vocabulary. And again, I think he grew a lot over the summer. How is that fair?

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