June 9, 2017

a new (library) tradition.


I don't think people set out to start traditions? Or maybe they do? I mean, I guess that makes sense if they do... but for us, our newest little tradition just kind of happened. It's nothing big: We go to our little city library, stay for story-time, look through books, drop checked-out books in the car and then play on some old metal playground equipment.

It's only happened twice. But, we've only been to the library twice. So I think it's safe to say a new tradition has begun. Y'all, the metal slide that is opposite the metal jungle gym probably should be retired. It's super-fast, and the kids love it. It does, however, dip on one side. With some fearless kids who think they should do flip tricks in the middle of this slide, well, it makes this mama's heart beat a little faster than it should. Thankfully none of my kiddos have gotten hurt (yet!), so it's all good for everyone.

And watching Graham try to climb the jungle gym... Y'all, it's hilarious. He can get up on the bottom rung, but he's not quite long enough to reach the next level. He's perfectly happy to run around in the bottom area while his brothers climb to the tippy-top though. Tatum? She just sits in the stroller watching her crazy brothers. I can't even imagine what it's going to be like when she starts walking and climbing. Pure chaos, I'm sure.

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