May 22, 2017

cayden: marvel tsum tsum party.


We have an eight year old. Eight years. Eight years since we became parents. Which seems like yesterday and a world away all at the same time. Our Cayden is the sweetest kid around. But he's also pretty fierce when he's passionate about something. I love the way he loves others. And his little servant-heart keeps showing itself; I hope it'll continue to grow and he'll never feel embarrassed or ashamed of how well he loves and cares for others.

But enough of that mushy stuff! Cayden chose a Marvel Tsum Tsum theme for his party this year. And um, there's nothing out there for that. A regular Disney Tsum Tsum party? All the things available. So this mama had to get a little crafty and creative... which just so happens to be one of her favorite things!

Cayden also wanted his party to be a scavenger hunt. I was a little concerned that I wouldn't be able to pull something like that off, but it seems that I do ok! Good clues, the kids were running around and everyone seemed to have fun. So win!

A three layer cake was requested this year thanks to an episode of Carnival Eats that the boys had watched earlier in the year. We had a vanilla, strawberry and chocolate layered cake with blue icing at the birthday boy's request. I tried a new buttercream icing recipe; it wasn't as sweet as other recipes I've tried and it paired perfectly with the cake. I think everyone enjoyed it as there wasn't a slice left. At all. Signs of a good party, right?

Cayden received all sorts of wonderful gifts and it was so nice to celebrate the day with his favorite people. Eight years. Really?

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