April 19, 2017

graham: paw patrol party.


We celebrated Graham's upcoming birthday on Saturday. He turns three on Friday! Each year it gets harder and harder to believe that we've gone another whole year, but I guess that's just the way time works. Graham is big into Paw Patrol right now, so it was no surprise to me when I asked him what kind of party and cake he wanted.

I decided it was time to try another fondant cake. The last time I tried one was about four years ago for Cayden and Sawyer's joint Jake & The Neverland Pirates party. I knew I didn't want to get quite as crazy with this cake – just a simple two layer cake (strawberry, of course) and a red fondant icing. Y'all, as simple as that sounds, getting red icing just isn't easy. I should have remembered how hard it was from the year I did red icing on Sawyer's Baymax cake, but memories fade I suppose. Either way, I think my technique has gotten better, but I'll probably stick with buttercream icing for the most part.

Note: No more red icing cakes from here on out. Fondant or not.

But the Paw Patrol cake turned out super-cute and everyone seemed to enjoy it. We used toys as cake toppers and I found the puppy's badges online and printed those to round everything out. Add three candles, and ta-da! Done! When it came time to blow out his candles, Graham was all about it. So much so that I believe he almost ate a candle while blowing them out. Good stuff!

We're looking forward to celebrating him this Friday too. He's already picked out what he wants for breakfast and dinner (homemade waffles and Chickalay, respectively). And maybe we need to grab some cupcakes so he can blow some more candles out!

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