March 26, 2017

outside fun.


Since I started doing my 365 project, I've found that I'm blogging less and less. I guess because I feel like y'all are already such a big part of my life through those photos? Maybe? Makes a little sense. And I'm not one for redundancy.

But... sometimes I'm snapping photos of my kiddos and there are too many to choose just one for my 365 project. Like today. Cayden's expressions while playing in the driveway were just perfection and I needed to share more than one photo. And I haven't been over in this area in over a month and I just didn't want to neglect it anymore.

So please enjoy our almost eight year old and his face. That last photo? I see a small hint of child left in those cheeks and that face. I know that's quickly fading; I feel like he'll be taller than us all too soon. And y'all, fall in love with those freckles on his nose. Because freckles on a cute kid's nose? The best.

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