February 7, 2017

a tiny (bow) project.


Tatum is quickly amassing a collection of bows. Which I love. What I don't love? Not really knowing how to store them. Flashback to the days I wore bows all the time (yes, that did actually happen), and remembering a ribbon of some sort that all of my bows would clip on. A quick check of supplies and I had ribbon leftover from another project in her room, some adorable white and gold twine that I'd cut from another banner, some fray-check and my sewing machine.

After fray-checking the ends of my ribbon, I tied a knot in the twine, looped the ribbon through it and put a quick straight stitch to hold everything in place and I was done. It took the fray-check longer to dry than it did for me to complete the entire project. I also spent no money on this project... well, as long as we don't count the money involved to buy the adorable little bows.

And problem solved! Also? The bows look pretty stinkin' cute hanging on her bedroom door. And they match her decor in a way too. What about you? Have you done any quick projects lately?

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