January 27, 2017

graham & tatum.


Oh, these two littles of ours... You always kind of wonder how your children are going to get along with their siblings. Cayden and Sawyer are two years apart and are really, really good friends. Don't get me wrong, they definitely argue and fight over any and everything, but deep down, best buds for sure. Like first day of school Cayden grabbed Sawyer's hand and walked him into school type of best buds.

When Graham came along, there was almost a three year gap between him and Sawyer. And that one extra year makes a difference somehow. Those two fight all. the. time. Not over anything, but everything. (They are awfully cute when they accidentally fall asleep together though.) Graham and Cayden though? At a five year difference? Best of friends. I haven't quite figured that one out.

And then came Tatum. Only a two year difference between her and Graham, but would the girl thing make a difference? Eventually? It might. But for now? If she's sitting on the couch, Graham's sitting on the couch. If she's in the floor, Graham's in the floor. As they rolled around on the floor together this morning, he reached over and took her hand. (Heart eyes for sure!) A week ago? I don't even think Graham knew she existed. And now? Besties.

The dynamics between these four is going to be so fun to watch grow. Hopefully. Do your kids having siblings? What are there relationships like? It's always such an interesting thing... relationships.

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