January 1, 2017

christmas, 2016.


Before the holidays are completely over, it only seems fitting to share some of our Christmas morning. We finally were able to get over the sickness that seemed like it would never leave. On Christmas Eve morning, we headed northwest to visit with my in-laws for a few hours. We had an awesome breakfast, some good family time, exchanged gifts and headed back home to prepare for our Christmas Eve service at church. That service is always special, and as the boys get older, it's so nice to share it with them.

We made it home after church to cook up some chicken and waffles (a new tradition, I believe!). The boys served up some milk and cookies for Santa, checked on his location, left some reindeer food and then rushed to bed to make sure Santa would stop by.

At 3:45 – in the morning – the older two boys decided it was time to check to see if Santa had come. After they saw that he had indeed come, we made them go back to bed and sleep for just a bit more. That was just too early for us, ha! At around six-ish, we were all officially up and excited to see what was brought. I think everyone's Christmas wishes came true!

We wrapped up our Christmas festivities at my parents house that night with a big dinner of the best breakfast options. Tatum slept through most of our festivities and missed out on most of the photos – I promise she was there for them though!

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