December 23, 2016

the plague.


Christmas break started out awesome on Monday. We were able to get some great photos of the kids in their matching jams. The boys got to entertain themselves with play doh for a couple of hours. Jeremy took the boys shopping for me and left me with a quiet house. I started dinner when they got home. It was going so well.

So well! Until one little boy scream-yelled at us, "I needa poooke!"

Rush two year old to the bathroom where he does, indeed, puke. Strange. Brush it off as a one-time thing and sit down for dinner. When Graham didn't eat his dinner (which just happened to be a favorite of his – breakfast!), we started wondering if he was sick. And then that worry was solidified when he asked to go puke again. And continued to do so throughout the night.

At 3ish in the morning, I joined in with the puking. Great.

Thankfully, that one time was it for me (& good grief, I'm glad – it was violent!). But I felt terrible all day Tuesday. And Graham continued to puke until mid-afternoon. We thought it was all over; most people assured us this bug was a two day thing!

Woke up Wednesday morning and Graham was sporting a 101ยบ temp. Kept an eye on it and ibuprofen took care of that. Awesome! We beat the random fever! We even went to Nana's house to help her make cookies. We were confident we were done!

We were wrong. Cayden started puking Wednesday afternoon around 4ish. And continued through the night. Thankfully I felt pretty good again (minus a cold that showed up post-sick). Graham was no longer puking. Whew.

Thursday was looking pretty good! No throwing up! Christmas might not be a disaster after all!

And then this morning came. Cayden threw up again. And Graham has now thrown up twice today. Thankfully Jeremy, Sawyer and Tatum have missed out on the fun. And now I'm beginning to wonder if our little bit is ever going to get over this. No fun, y'all! But thankful for a toddler that knows what's about to happen and can (usually) make it to the bathroom.

Will everyone say a small prayer that this ends now? We really, really want to go see Jeremy's family in the morning. And we really, really want to see mine on Christmas night. The holidays just aren't quite right without our family in the mix. Amen.

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