December 5, 2016

santa, 2016.


I think every year that we go visit Santa, there's always that split-second moment where you wonder if and which kid might start screaming their head off. And with four kiddos to sit with Santa now, the likelihood of that happening seems like it should be greater. Except... we somehow managed to get a photo without anyone crying this year! Tatum loves everyone right now though; she might be telling us all a different story next year. Graham has never once cried for Santa. He was a little unsure of him last year (and also wearing the same shirt apparently!), but no tears. This year he sparked up a conversation with Santa – so much so that we had a hard time getting him to look at the camera. Cayden and Sawyer are at their peak fake smile season; they almost literally need to be laughing to get a genuine smile these days. But it's all good – we're excited to add this one to our collection of Santa photos.

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