December 22, 2016

christmas jams, 2016.


This is the first year in a while that we've documented some matching Christmas jams – in fact, it might have last happened when Sawyer was a toddler. This year might have a little something to do with that little one in pink, but mostly because all of our kiddos are adorable. And because Monday was the perfect light day to make it happen.

Also, let's go ahead and note that Tatum's eyes are turning dark... Cayden will be our only blue-eyed baby. Which makes me a little sad, but also happy that this green-eyed girl and dark-eyed husband were even able to have a blue-eyed baby!

The cool thing? After I got done taking the Allen Four's photos, the oldest three took turns for at least 30 minutes taking pictures of each other on their little camera. It was hilarious watching them come up with poses. And once I through out the term "art director," you should have heard them taking charge and giving direction. Hilarious!

Here's hoping you and your family enjoy the merriest of Christmases on Sunday

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