December 14, 2016

a small craft.

Pretty much every day, from the minute he wakes up until he falls asleep again, Graham is asking for food. As soon as he's done with breakfast, he's asking for a snack. And literally, the minute he's done with snack, he's asking for his lunch. Some days I'm able to ignore it, and others... not so much. When he'd asked for lunch one too many times one day last week, I decided he must be doing it out of boredom. To solve that boredom, I looked through our arts & crafts bucket, remembered that we had a ton of cotton balls and voila! craft (& problem) solved!

I think I can remember making something similar to this when I was younger. Graham couldn't have cared less about coloring Santa. If he'd had his way, the picture would've been a giant cotton ball, ha! It still kept him busy for about 15 minutes and distracted him long enough to postpone lunch for almost an hour. Whew!

It also led me to emailing Sawyer's old preschool to see if they had any openings for the 2k class in the spring semester. Thankfully? Yes, yes they do.

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