October 17, 2016

saturday mornings.


Remember when we were small and there was such a thing as Saturday morning cartoons? So, whatever happened to that? I think there were a few cartoons that came on when Cayden was little, but even now most major stations only show news in the mornings. No bueno.

I mean, not that we let that stop our kids from watching some Saturday morning cartoons. Unless it's an early soccer game morning. Those don't mix too well with tv. But this past Saturday it was a later soccer game morning so when the requests came in while Jeremy and I barely had our eyes open, we welcomed a little Netflix time to give us just a few more minutes of quiet time.

And once we were finally all awake and I needed to leave the room for a minute, I put the Allen boys in charge of watching their little sister. When I walked back in the room and they were all cuddled up in the corner of the sectional? All the heart eyes!

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