October 24, 2016

pumpkin patch, 2016.


We haven't been to a pumpkin patch since before Graham was born. In fact, I think I was pregnant with Graham the last time we went to one! And unfortunately, the patch we used to go to completely shut down. Fortunately? We found a new one that's even better! Sawyer and I actually went to it last fall while he was in 4k and I completely forgot about it... we were glad to rediscover it this past weekend though.

And while it was only $10 a person, it was tough to choke down the total price of $50 for the five of us (Tatum's still free at least!). But y'all, it was worth every last penny! This place had tons of things to do: rock walls, hay mountains, giant tire slides, corn pits, bouncy houses, zip lines, hay rides and a corn maze! And pumpkins for all! Oh, and funnel cakes. We cannot forget the funnel cakes (not included in the price, but worth the extra cost)! The boys had an absolute blast. Jeremy and I are so glad that we spent the money and made the memories.

Speaking of memories, how is it that visiting pumpkin patches in the fall offers up so many wonderful photo opportunities? Gah, I love it! And we're looking forward to a new yearly tradition for our sweet little family!

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