October 7, 2016

chocolate chip cookies.


Can we talk about getting in a funk for a bit? Cause y'all, I've kind of been in one lately. Not a terrible mood or anything, but not feeling super good. The weather fluctuations are killing my sinuses? allergies? Something. Sawyer's sick for the third time since school started and for some reason I keep getting sick with him.

One day last week I was feeling pretty bad. And for some reason, I couldn't get a sick day around here (haha!). I had the urge to do... something. Sometimes that involves rearranging furniture, or a small project of some kind. But I didn't have a room to rearrange and no project that I wanted to tackle on my own, so I quickly searched the kitchen to see if I had ingredients to bake.

I was (over) excited when I discovered everything to make cookies from a recipe our old neighbor passed along. Sadly I think this is the first time I've ever baked anything with Graham as a "helper." (Sawyer's usually our kitchen assistant.) It went pretty smoothly except for his impatience with the cooking time. But I really don't blame him. I was just as impatient!

The wait was worth it though! Warm, gooey, homemade chocolate chip cookies. And you know what? They helped the mood for sure. Until we all had tummy aches from eating too many sweets. The end. Ha.

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