September 14, 2016

those summer nights.


Yes, I realize that summer is quickly coming to a close (not until next week, officially), but it's just now cooling off enough in the evenings for us to enjoy our back yard again. I really meant to be outside more this summer, but being extremely pregnant and it being one of the hottest summers that I can remember just didn't make for a good combination. I'm not sure how many times I apologized to the boys for being lame over summer break and promised them that next summer? Next summer would be way more awesome.

Anyway, enjoying our back yard means enjoying our awesome patio too. We grilled up some chicken one night last week and were able to eat outside. Short of the mosquito bites that we all got, it was a really lovely evening. And even then, we didn't realize how many mosquitos were feasting on us until the next day. I'm really looking forward to fall sweeping in and keeping the temperatures low enough for us to enjoy this space again.

Dinner outside beats sweeping under a dining room table inside any day. Amiright?

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