September 28, 2016

fall soccer, 2016.


We didn't play fall soccer last year. It was the first year in three years that we hadn't played fall soccer and it just felt... weird. So come spring, we played in a league we hadn't tried, had a good time and decided that if the boys wanted to play fall soccer that we would suck it up and find the money for city league soccer.

And y'all, spending that extra money (about twice as much!) on city league has been worth every penny so far. We used to play in a city league, but since the move last summer, we're in a new city. So new city league. (You following? Cause I think I'm confusing myself, ha!) Anyway, old city was fun and Cayden liked it enough to want to keep playing. But new city? New city is legit. We have referees and goalies. And everyone is checked pre-game to make sure they have the correct shoes and that shin guards are in place. This is new for us and I really like it. And their uniforms? Well, they are perfection. Perhaps a little on the bright side, but we can't lose our kids. So win?

We've had several practices and just finished our second game this past weekend. Before the game, Jeremy kept showing Cayden and Sawyer inspirational videos – professional soccer players performing tricks – and we think it might have inspired them to play a little harder! Because y'all, I've never seen our boys play like that! Cayden's come a long way since his Start Smart days – he almost (so close!) scored his first goal of the season. And Sawyer, who's never played in a city league? Dribbled that ball down the field by himself and came close to kicking a goal. I may have cried a little from being so proud! We're looking forward to an exciting season. Also? We're super-glad these two are able to be on the same team. Makes practice and game day just a bit easier. Ok, a lot easier.

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