September 22, 2016

cardboard box.


People always say the only thing you need to get your kids to keep them happy is wrapping paper or a cardboard box. And I can agree with those people. At least on the cardboard box thing. Our kids love them. So when we had one this past week that they could actually get in? The possibilities were endless. I just took it out to the recycling bin today... only because it had gotten pretty much destroyed. But it was everything before the destruction. A place to hide, a car, a place to push each other around, something to fight over – you name it and our boys made it that.

Also, I'm trying to reach for our "real" camera a little more often than the iPhone (a Nikon D610 for anyone that's interested). Lifestyle shots are now becoming a goal of mine and slowly, but surely, I'm starting to capture more of those in a medium that I think we'll be able to do something with. Don't get me wrong, I love capturing life with my iPhone and sharing those on Instagram with you, but there's just something a camera with a lens can do that I don't think a phone will ever be able to do.

Now, if Jeremy and I could get our acts together, maybe one day we could actually make some income from this. Maybe. One day? I'll also praise our home on its natural light again. And all the days. Because windows galore and that makes me happy. Unless we ever have to replace all of them and then I'll probably just want to live in a cardboard box.

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