September 27, 2016

awake baby alert.


Now that Miss Tatum is seven weeks old, she's decided to stop napping so much during the day. I mean, she still sleeps quite a bit, but the time she's awake, she's definitely more alert. And definitely staying awake in longer spurts. We even pulled out the activity mat to try to give her something that would entertain her, but it seems she still prefers other people's faces as her primary form of entertainment. And since she's starting to smile a little more often in response to said faces, I'm okay with providing mine for her to look at. The boys are also starting to realize that she sees them and reacts to them. That's causing a lot of close-talking around here, but it's so cute that I can't be upset.

Some of my very favorite alert time? When Jeremy throws her over his shoulder. She'll pop up on her elbows and practice her head control (which is getting really good!) and look at everything over his shoulder. She's still not above using a good eyebrow raise to control the noggin and I love that forehead wrinkle too. Of course, she looks pretty stinking' sweet like this too.

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