September 1, 2016

a little sewing project.


I ran across this adorable pattern a week or two before Tatum was born and fell in love. And also immediately knew what fabric I was going to use to whip a couple up. The first was a gorgeous coral floral pattern that I had used to sew things up before... I loved it every time I used it and am so thankful to finally have a girl of our own to sew for!

And the other fabric I chose? The white floral? Y'all, it's a bed sheet from my grandparents house. When we used to go spend the night with them, this was the sheet set on the bed we slept in. When my grandfather passed away and everyone was claiming items from his house (back in 2004), there were only a few things I wanted... and this sheet set was at the top of my list. I guess maybe I knew we'd have a baby girl at some point because I've been saving this forever it seems. I think I sewed up a bib and burp cloth forever ago when I first started my Etsy shop, but otherwise, it's been sitting in a drawer waiting.

Speaking of waiting... I'll patiently be waiting for Tatum to get a little bit bigger so that she can wear both of these. At the rate she's currently growing, it shouldn't take too long for her to be in them. Like, maybe next week? Ha!

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