August 15, 2016

the allen three meet their sister.


I think Tatum joined us a lot faster than most of us were thinking the morning she was born. When I was induced with Cayden and Sawyer, it was lunch time before they showed up. I kind of presumed it'd be the same way with Tatum. I was wrong.

The Friday morning she was born, our two biggest littles had "meet the teacher" at school. I'm so thankful to my parents and sister for making sure they got where they needed to be that morning. While the boys were at school, we were at the hospital having a baby.

So while no one was at the hospital with us when Tatum was born, it was perfect! We got to have alone time with her for about two hours before my parents and sister showed up with our boys. Tatum was warming up under the lamp so all the boys were able to see her at the same time. Cayden just kept commenting on how cute she was, Sawyer couldn't wait to touch her and Graham? Well, Graham was indifferent at that point.

As soon as the nurse gave us the go-ahead and that Tatum's body temperature was regulated enough, Jeremy actually got to hold her for the first time! (I was being stingy with all the holding and skin-on-skin up until that point!) But Cayden was itching to hold his baby sister. He was so excited to hold her that we actually had a hard time making him let someone else hold her. Sawyer held her for a few minutes, commented on her cuteness and was done. Graham asked to hold her (yay!), we put her in his lap and he promptly pushed her away exclaiming, "I not want him!"

Thankfully all the boys have warmed up to her even more over the past week. Cayden can still hardly keep his hands off her. They sit next to each other in the car and I constantly catch him with a hand in her seat... either trying to hold her hand or put a paci in. It's pretty cute. Sawyer wants to hold her all the time. And y'all, when I lay her across his lap, she instantly calms down. Graham... wants to kiss "him" all the time. He can do without the holding though. And we're working with Graham to help him realize his sister is a "she." He'll get it one day. Maybe?

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