August 19, 2016

hospital snoozing.


Before I forget to share these... A couple of shots of Tatum snoozing away while we were still in the hospital. I know I might get some flack for typing this for the whole wide world to see, but our littlest is a great sleeper. With each child, we kept thinking that we were going to get the worst sleeper since each preceding child slept so well, but apparently we just make babies that sleep well? I don't know what it is, but we are beyond blessed with another one.

She completely psyched us out our third night home. We put her down at 11. At 6 we all woke up the next morning. Y'all – complete fluke. She has since slept for three-four hours at night, waking to nurse, poop and then go back to sleep. And I forget just how sleepy the newborn phase is. As I type this, she's snoozing in her rocker right beside me. It's ok though; all the sleeping means some really awesome cuddle time... And I'm trying to savor it. She makes it pretty easy though.

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