August 9, 2016

first day of school, 2016.


Cayden and Sawyer used to get separate entries for this kind of thing. Mostly because they started back to school at two different times. Ok, only because they started back at two different times. But now? They're in the same school system and today? Today was the first day of school!

Cayden's an old pro now – started second grade this morning AND his last year at the elementary school. We'll talk more about that at the end of the year. When I'm crying and in disbelief that my oldest will be heading to intermediate school. But I digress. Second grade! There's one friend from last year in his class, but I don't think it's one of his closer friends. Perhaps it's better that way so he'll stay more focused? Who am I kidding? He'll be making friends in no time and probably, maybe being reprimanded for talking a little too much. We're looking forward to an awesome year though; I really can't wait to see what all he learns this year!

Sawyer started kindergarten this morning. He has been looking forward to the first day of school for the past month. Sawyer seems to thrive on schedules, so perhaps he knew that by starting back to school he would feel better in general? The rooms at our elementary school for kinder are super-cool and look like a fun place to learn. And the teacher he got seems so fun and bubbly – it will be perfect for Sawyer.

We dropped them off this morning and it was so cute to watch them walk in together. Cayden almost threw his arm around Sawyer's shoulders and I may have melted a little. Seeing Cayden waiting and making sure that his little brother was with him was just too much for this mama. I mean, my hormones may be a little out of control at the moment. Guess I only have this to blame. And I suppose there's another blog post in the works telling all about that...

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