July 18, 2016

tatum's nursery.


Real quick, let's remember where this room started out. Because it really has come a long way since the day we moved in! Mint green, super shiny walls. Drab gray curtains. Carpet that our cats destroyed. And a ton of holes in the walls from old artwork...


Decorating a room for a girl was a lot of fun. And I think it's mostly done. We didn't paint the dresser like I had noted on her inspiration board, but that can still be done at some point if we decide to do so. After the ceiling was painted, I had originally bought solid coral curtains. I hung them up for about a week before I decided they were just too much and went with these fun striped curtains. The boys actually have the gray version in their room, so it's kind of fun that they have something similar.

I only made one thing for this nursery and crafted one more. Which is the complete opposite of what I normally do. But I'm ok with that this time around. Maybe it'll leave me with plenty of creative juice to actually make some clothes – like little dresses!

We can't wait for Tatum to get here and start using her room. Here's to hoping it'll be sooner rather than later.

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