July 1, 2016

tatum's nursery: painted.


The nursery is painted! There are few spots on the ceiling that need to be touched up, but otherwise, we're calling the walls and ceiling done. We won't get started on how badly the trim work all needs a new coat of paint (hint: it's pretty terrible), and the more I look at photos of our old home (like Graham's old nursery), I'm pretty convinced that we might end up giving all of our interior doors a pretty coat of paint too. I forgot how much I liked the gray doors!

Anyway, step one is complete for the nursery! Graham has been mostly transitioned to the big boys' room; he only naps in the nursery still. I have a feeling that the naps might continue in there until Cayden and Sawyer go back to school this fall, or until we put the side of the crib back on. Sawyer still naps daily (I have no idea what we'll do this fall with full-time school starting), and Cayden has at least an hour of quiet time to read/rest/whatever he needs as long as he's quiet. Night time sleeping with three of them in one room has been no problem; I can't imagine all three of them in a room in the middle of the day together though. Perhaps it's time to try?

But back to the nursery! The ceiling paint is Sherwin Williams Charisma at 75%. I found some drapes at Target that are in the same color family that are blackout curtains that I think we'll try to hang this weekend. I've been collecting pieces of artwork from (mostly) Hobby Lobby that will be fun to arrange. And I have a little fabric project to work on for above her crib.

Just a couple of things left. Ha! Guess it's time to get this party started!

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