July 8, 2016

tatum's nursery: fabric banner.


Things are definitely coming along in the nursery! So much so that I'm actually starting to add things to the walls that we wrapped up painting a couple of weeks ago. And that usually takes me forever to do. Y'all, girly things are so much fun! I went to Joanns a couple of weeks ago and picked up some fabric to make a banner to hang over Tatum's crib. It was so much fun to mix and match new fabric with some pieces that I already had at home. After I'd picked out all my fabric, I realized I wanted something with a little bling to it. A quick trip to Hobby Lobby scored me some white ribbon with little gold polka dots on it (and a few other things, but we won't discuss that!).

There are tutorials all over the interwebs on how to make one of these cute little banners, so I won't go into details. I will tell you that I cut my strips two inches wide and left them the width of the fabric – so anywhere from 40" to 45" long. Then I cut my ribbons the same length. I did make sure to use some Fray Check on the end of the ribbons so they don't start unraveling, but left the fabric pieces super-raw so that they would start fraying. I cut the piece of twine I used about the width of the crib, knowing that I wanted to inset it just a bit so it would sway perfectly over the crib. I did all of this sitting on the couch, in our air conditioning on a Saturday afternoon. Perfect little afternoon craft!

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