July 5, 2016

fourth of july, 2016.


It's worked out for the past seven (maybe eight?) years that we've been able to head to my parents house for the Fourth of July. It's a fun little tradition that usually involved grilling out, sparklers, setting off our own fireworks and exclaiming over larger fireworks that someone always seems to be setting off. Nice little family evening!

This year we added a small pool (because Alabama is hotter than Mordor right now) and water balloons. My mom even got in on a little water gun action... and quickly realized that she wasn't wearing the proper clothing and would soon be soaked. The men grilled us up some delicious hamburgers and hot dogs – Graham enjoyed a small burger patty AND two hot dogs. How is he still so small?

We headed back outside after dinner for the littles to enjoy some sparklers. They aren't all necessarily clear on the safety of fire yet, so it was a lot of yelling of names and telling people to move. No one ended up with a burn though, so we'll call it a win! As the sun went down we moved our party to the road and watched a few fireworks from the driveway. Fireworks are really beautiful. Every year I think I'm in awe of them. Sawyer kept yelling, "This is the best day ever!!!" at the top of his lungs, so I think it's safe to say that he really got into the holiday spirit this year. Watching their faces is most definitely part of the fun for me.

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