June 27, 2016

sawyer's avengers party


This past weekend we celebrated our nugget turning five. FIVE! It doesn't technically happen until this Wednesday... but with the way his birthday falls, it's usually have the party the weekend before or risk having it on a huge holiday weekend. We usually opt for the the weekend before with this year being no different!

Months ago if you had asked Sawyer what kind of party he wanted, he would have said STAR WARS, no doubt! And he did for many, many weeks. Until all of a sudden he wanted an Avengers party. So Avengers it became. And an outdoor party. In June. Which meant that water had to be involved. Much like Cayden's party, we had water fun and a piƱata. Then moved the party inside to cooler temps and cake!

Sawyer had a great time and was thankful for everyone that could come. He was still a little confused as to why it wasn't his actual birthday and why he wasn't technically five yet, but I think when he gets to celebrate for a second time on Wednesday, he'll understand!

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