June 9, 2016



A friend of mine on Facebook posted a link to these fun little flextangles yesterday, and I was like, "yep, we're doing that tomorrow." Our almost five year old and seven year old handled the coloring and cutting with ease, but I definitely had to help with the folding and gluing. I thought (wrongly) that Graham might enjoy coloring on one of the templates so we could make him one too. He decided to just sit at the table and whine (real life, yo). I finally flipped the paper over, got him a snack and he was all good scribbling along while big brothers and mama got crafty.

In total, this probably took us close to an hour and a half. Cayden was done super-fast, but sat there coloring other things while Sawyer and I finished coloring ours. Truth? I took the longest to color mine, but having the boys exclaim over my chevrons made it worth it. Also? No one got frustrated or upset over this project. That alone is amazing.

It did take our glue a little longer to dry than I thought it would. All we had sitting around was Elmer's. After promising the boys they could play with them after lunch, it was all good. Now, we just have to keep them away from Graham before they are destroyed. Ha!

P.S. Not required, but apparently crafting while in costume is the way to go!

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