May 18, 2016

sawyer: last day of 4k


It really is always so fun to compare first days with last days, right? Dude has probably grown at least two inches since he started 4k last September. I mean, that's not even a full year! I still think this one might be our tall one, but we'll see.

It also dawned on me sometime in the last year that Sawyer will always start and finish each grade the same age he starts because he has a late summer birthday. It also means that he'll graduate high school at 17. And, what?!?!? Yeah, let's not go there yet.

Anyway, this kiddo had a huge year. We've always felt that Sawyer is a smart little nugget, and he just continued to impress us throughout the entire year. He mastered writing his name pretty early on in the school year, but now? Now he's starting to read. And it completely blows my mind! (It did with Cayden, too!)

And in just a couple of short months, this guy is heading off to kindergarten... Crazy.

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