April 11, 2016

the name game.

We had a list a mile long for another boy. Boy names were super-easy for us. Girl names? Well, girl names were a little bit harder. We'd read something one of us kind of liked, and then the other one would not care for it so much. For added pressure, we ran names by the boys first too. I mean, I think it's a little important for them to care about their sister's name as much as we do. Every name we mentioned, Cayden would say, "That's not a real name. Why do you keep asking about these made up names?" (Just so you know, they were all very real names. Maybe he's just not used to girl names?)

My youngest nephew had a great suggestion: Supergirl. And because we couldn't come up with anything, that was sounding more and more reasonable.

But then I stumbled upon a name and loved it. And loved the way it sounded with her middle name. I tossed it in Jeremy's direction. He sat on it for a while, decided he couldn't do it, and then later decided that he loved it. The deal breaker? The kids. We mentioned the name to the boys and it was literally the first name that both Cayden and Sawyer paused on and said, "yeah, I like that," while nodding their heads.

And just like that, her name was picked. Definitely the hardest for us to decide on, but a great name for sure.


Tatum Rebecca. Rebecca was kind of a no-brainer for all of us as the middle name. We do like to keep to family names for the middle name. And since I'm a Rebecca, my mother-in-law is a Rebecca, and my mom's middle name is Rebecca, it seemed like the perfect fit.

As for Tatum? I loved it when I saw it, but we wanted to make sure it meant something... And y'all, Tatum means, "Cheerful, Full of Spirit, Brings Joy." And that could not be more perfect for this first little girl coming into our family. And being our last little baby... Also? All the boys have already picked out her nickname: Tater-tot. Hearing Graham say that? Adorable.

I whipped up those little name art pieces through Minted. We might order one, or something similar for her room... And her room. I'm excited to share plans for it sometime soon, too.

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