April 5, 2016

spring break, 2016.


Our spring break this year looked a little different than last year. And TimeHop was sure to point it out to me almost every single day. Last year? We took a week long trip to the beach. Just our little family. And it was one of the best trips we've ever taken. And while we would have loved to do that this year, we knew with a fall Disney World trip coming up, that it just wasn't in the budget.

The fun thing about spring break though? You can make it whatever you want it to be. We played outside. A lot. We took an exciting leisurely stroll through Target and the boys spent all their earned money on Tsum Tsums. A fun day at the park. Hours at the zoo. A rainy trip to the Space & Rocket center in Huntsville. And donuts and a trip to their Granna and Poppa's house to round out the week.

On Friday I asked the boys if they remembered what we did last year during break. They didn't. I reminded them and then asked how they felt about this break compared to last years. And their answer? Could not have been more perfect. Cayden said, "They were really different, but both of them were awesome." And just the day before, unprompted, Cayden said, "Mommy, thank you for letting us do all these awesome things this week." Sigh... I love our kids!

So while my heart may have been dreaming of warm sand and the ocean, it was really nice to know that a staycation for the Allen boys was just as appreciated. And for that? I'm so, so grateful.

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