April 27, 2016

graham turns two.


Last Thursday Graham turned two. Which is still kind of unbelievable since he was just born yesterday. But it happened. And we celebrated the morning with donuts (and candles!) and wrapped up the evening with dinner at Ihop (we fancy) and gifts from us.

On Saturday we had a small family party to celebrate our Little Bit's life. Complete with a Mickey them. Graham loves Mickey and I constantly hear him walking around the house singing, "Hot dawg, hot diggity dawg..." on repeat. We played in the backyard with family and cousins, moved the party inside and opened a few special gifts and ate way too much sugar.

It was a no-nap-for-anyone day, and considering that two-thirds of our kiddos still require a daily nap, I'd say things went really well. This mama was thankful to keep things simple. And I think I'll remember that for the next two months when Cayden and Sawyer's birthdays creep up on us!

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