March 28, 2016

easter, 2016.


The sun didn't want to agree with us for Easter Sunday this year. I mean, the sun's still having trouble coming up at a decent time since daylight saving, but add a rainy day on top of it and we did the best we could with photos and a flash this year.

The Easter bunny dropped off some fun goodies for our boys. If you run into Cayden any time soon, you'll have to ask him about his Easter bunny siting! The big hit (no surprise) have been the stackable Tsum Tsum mystery packs. I'm not sure why these little things are so much fun, but they are awfully cute, so maybe that has something to do with it? The littlest Allen took no time at all digging into some chocolate. Like, he had half a piece of it in his mouth before I realized he had even started opening one. I think I'm more impressed that he knew to remove the foil first?

After a great morning of worship at church, we headed over to my parents' house for lunch and our annual egg hunt. The weather kept the egg hunt inside this year, but that might have actually been more fun – there were a ton more places to hide an egg and it definitely lasted a little longer that way. Unfortunately the older two cousins weren't with us this Easter to get the annual cousin photo. We'll have to remedy that as soon as we're all back together again!

We had a lazy evening after that. I think a little too much sugar (so much sugar!) and no naps made it the perfect evening to snuggle up on the couch together. Oh, and the rain. The rain didn't hurt either.

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