March 23, 2015

a family that reads together...


It still blows our minds that Cayden now reads books to us. I even asked Cayden if it was weird to him that he can read, and he agrees that, yes, it is a little strange. Mostly it's awesome, but we're realizing that it means he can read things that he probably shouldn't be reading now too. Like the magazine covers at any check-out line at a store. Which makes me a little more aware of what we're surrounding him with. But mostly, it's still awesome and we're all loving it. He's also reading three levels above where most kids his age are, and a little part of me gets excited that he might possess the reading-loving gene that his mama has...

March 10, 2015



Cayden: When I clean their room, old toys are rediscovered and make great toys for newer toys to play with.
Sawyer: If he could find a way to make noise while he sleeps, he would. Scratch that, he's a loud sleeper too.
Graham: Hulk smash! Seriously, watching the 10 month old slide his hands into the Hulk gloves is hilariously funny.

March 2, 2015



Cayden: Really enjoying Mario Kart lately. 
Sawyer: Monster bubble baths is still a favorite.
Graham: Smooshing his face against the door while peeking at daddy.
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