January 30, 2015



Cayden: I love the way he plays. And where.
Sawyer: One of the few things that he plays quietly with.
Graham: His "who me?" face.

Last year I attempted to do a photo a week of the boys and failed miserably sometime around month three. But looking back, I love having the weekly photos that I did manage to capture. So... here we go again. Getting a late start, but better late than never and all that jazz, right?

January 25, 2015

graham: eight and nine months

eight months

nine months

Combining eight and nine months because, let's face it, I got too far behind and can't remember what happened when. But Graham, you just turned nine months old and it's hard for this mama and daddy to embrace that fact. It also means that in just three short months you'll be a year old. And that? Well that's just not acceptable. Ha!

You are scootin' around like a mad man. You are our first non-crawler. You army crawl and do this other cute little scooting thing on your hiney. It's hilarious and adorable all at once. But you get places and I think that's all that matters. You have also started pulling up on things. You only get to one knee, but that's ok. Because of this we already had to lower your mattress. I wasn't too keen on the thought of you pulling yourself over the edge of your crib.

Graham, you are into everything. The fireplace. Pulling on plugs. The kitchen. All places that your older brothers never got into. For this reason alone I think that daddy and I are going to be in for a treat with you.

You still have no teeth. And now I'm starting to wonder if you ever will. We still give you small pieces of food and you "chew" them like you have a mouth full of teeth. Should you never get teeth, I think you'll be ok.

You are still nursing about seven times a day. And for the most part, I get two nice long naps out of you in the morning and the afternoon. You like to take a short cat nap before dinner most nights while I'm cooking dinner; I really like that.

You've had an ear infections for what seems six weeks straight. And that might not be an exaggeration. We found out you were allergic to the penicillin family just like Sawyer. When you broke out in hives while on antibiotics, we knew not to panic since we'd seen it before. Dr. C has thrown in the towel and you'll be getting tubes sometime soon.

You are your brothers have the most fun relationship. It'll be interesting to see how that continues to develop. For now? They light up your life for sure.

Likes: eating, your brothers, baths (when you get them #thirdchild), long walks in the stroller
Dislikes: ear infections, diaper changes, being hungry, being alone

January 7, 2015

graham: seven months old


Graham, you learned so many things this month. The first? You mastered sitting up! And seemed so very proud of yourself when you finally learned how to do it. It made playing a lot of fun too.

Oh, and because you are sitting up so well, we started putting you in your high chair at the table so you could join in on mealtime with us. You still eat purees because guess what? You still have no teeth. Most days you'll eat three meals, but not every day. But you're still nursing like a champ, so win!

We went back to the doctor to have your head growth checked out and it had grown enough for them to not be concerned! I think we'll chalk that up to someone measuring your head wrong at one of your appointments. While I didn't enjoy the stress we felt while waiting for that check-up, I was immensely relieved to find that nothing was wrong. Whew!

You still sleep like a champ and we are so grateful for that! You'll sleep anywhere from 10-12 hours a night which allows us all to wake up refreshed.

(I stink at updating your monthly posts so this one is almost three months behind. I'm having a hard time remembering what exactly happened when, but I think I got most of the important stuff!)

Likes: your brothers, sitting up, sleeping, baths
Dislikes: being hungry, having a dirty diaper, being alone

weeks twenty-seven through thirty

January 6, 2015

a lost sock.


You know how you randomly lose socks? Either in the dryer, or perhaps you have an infant who likes to remove one sock and you lose track of where it goes... Yeah, that happens here a lot. But when you find that lost sock, it's amazing that you have a match again and everything is right in the world...

Kind of like this blog. I've been wanting to update, but since I switched to full time work to stay at home mom, finding time has been a problem. An even bigger problem? Outdated software rendering my incapable of editing photos the way I like to edit. But this morning? This morning I grew tired of it, bit the bullet, and updated our editing software.

And just like that? I'm back. With tons of updates and two months worth of Graham monthly updates. Stay tuned...
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