December 7, 2015

testing light.


I asked our big boys to help me test out some lighting in our yard the other night. You know, that perfect hour of light right before sunset? Our yard has it. I had no idea it had it. And my children thought I was crazy running through the house between the front and back yard. But it was worth it. To know that if I needed to take any photos in our back yard, that I could and get some great light. I think this will only work for us in the fall/winter months – otherwise there will be too many leaves on the trees. It's tough to complain about that though; it'll keep the back yard cooler in those warmer months.

Originally I was testing all this out to see if we could take Christmas card photos in our back yard. And the answer? Yes! But we didn't. We went to a nearby trail. And the photos turned out awesome. I'll share more of those later this week!

Also, aren't Cayden and Sawyer just the most photogenic kids ever? Ha! At least they put up with their mama's antics. And mostly don't complain. Mostly.

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