December 14, 2015

santa, 2015.

SS_Riverchase Gall_20151212_000007_P

Is it wrong to say that I'm disappointed that we didn't get a screaming photo of Graham? Because I slightly am. After all, we did get two years of screaming Sawyer. And a pretty decent one of Cayden. Maybe Graham's will just be delayed a year? Or maybe we did some excellent prep work on him? We showed him all the other photos of his brothers with Santa and have lovingly pointed out all the "ho, ho, ho's" around us.

Might I also add that examining all the Santa photos through the years gave Cayden reason to ask why the Santas weren't all the same. And Jeremy was a great daddy and just passed the question on to me. No worries! This mama had the perfect answer and both Cayden and Sawyer were happy with it, so we'll call it all good. At least for a little while. #wink #SantaEmoticonGoesHere

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