December 16, 2015

christmas photoshoot, 2015.


We kept procrastinating on getting these photos taken. I mean, they're for our Christmas card. And to me, that means we should be wearing, oh, I don't know, winter clothes. But y'all, it's been hot. Way too warm for December. A couple of weeks ago when the weather finally cooled back down to the sixties (eye roll, for sure), we were ready to go! Except the day we planned on going was so. gray. And cloudy. And we were yearning for that gorgeous golden light.

We'd pretty much decided that we'd hold off until a weekday, and if that didn't work, we'd set up a shoot inside. Inside, our hearts weren't feeling an interior shoot. And thankfully, the sun broke through right as the golden hour was showing up. We rushed the boys (and ourselves) to get dressed. We even had to wake Graham up from a nap. I grabbed some candy (we are not above bribes here!) and headed out the door.

While I'd love to tell you that everything went perfectly, it didn't. Graham was grumpy – even with candy. The older two didn't want to listen. Funny faces were the only thing they wanted to do. But we still managed to mostly keep our cool and in the end, got a ton of photos that we're thrilled with!

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