November 12, 2015

little superheroes.


Once upon a time there was a third brother who looked everything like his older brothers. Then he started getting older and looked like neither brother. And then he got a little older and decided to start being a chameleon – changing who he looked like depending on who he was around. (Truth!)

So here are the younger two playing together. Complete with same exact head tilt from the back. And same open-mouth profile when playing from the side. I couldn't have staged/photoshopped these photos any better. Because I didn't. It's real life. And our real life happens to be three adorable little boys that look so much alike sometimes that they look nothing alike. How's that for some confusion? You're welcome!

(Also, Cayden's third birthday party favors are the gift that keep on giving. These capes are working toward four years of hard work. Well, except for one of them. I found one last blue cape lingering in our closet when we moved and Graham has recently claimed it as his own. But I have a feeling it's going to get a lot of play too...)

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