November 17, 2015

eating better.


We try so hard to eat well at our home. And things go okay for several days and then we're out somewhere and buy dinner and things just spiral out of control from there. We're not exactly spring chickens anymore and the metabolism is slowing down. Way. Down.

So we're cleaning up our diet. And by diet, I mean just that. Not some "lose weight quick" diet. But changing the way we eat. Our nutrition. While we're no experts, we are trying to eat a little cleaner, less processed. Are we denying our urges? Not exactly. Just trying to redirect them I suppose. And the kids still get some processed food. What can I say? They love fruit snacks! I promise we do try to feed them real fruit too. Just kidding, they love real fruit and we always have it around the house. But they love fruit snacks too. All in moderation, right?

With all that said, we are definitely trying to clean up our over-processed cereal breakfast act. We made overnight oats last night, and four out of the five of us love them. It's a tie between Sawyer and Graham as to who loves them more. But since Graham wore them much better, I'm going to say he wins.

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