November 30, 2015

christmas cards.


Now that Christmas is less than a month away (yikes!), I guess it's time to start thinking about cards. Wait, what's that? I should've done this some time last month? I'm sure you're going to tell me that I should have already had our photoshoot done with photos edited too, right? Hahaha... you guys are funny!

But in all seriousness, we are pretty much the worst at procrastinating when it comes to getting our Christmas cards done and out the door. Sure, we still have to take our photos, but I have at least already picked out our outfits. If someone could just communicate with the weather to cool off, that would be awesome. Because taking our photos in 75ยบ weather with winter garb on sounds less than thrilling. Thankfully the weather seems to be cooling off again this weekend, so we'll be heading out to do a shoot soon.

One thing we're not going to worry about this year? Designing our own cards. We've done it in years past, and while it is something we enjoy, knowing that Minted has excellent design choices makes it a simple decision for us. I'm crushing hard on the above designs! I also found myself falling in love with several other choices... so I think we'll see how the photos turn out to decide on a vertical or horizontal layout. I do have a thing for the foil designs, so you might see a little something sparkly in a mailbox near you at some point.

At this rate? It might be New Years though!

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