September 10, 2015

the cove: laundry room


How's that for a before shot? (You're welcome for the photoshopped clean litter box!) And it's not even a true before shot. The true one would have shown the terrible square light as proven by the ceiling paint. And there were all sorts of nails and screws in the wall. And gouges. Those are shown here by all the lovely white spots. But I'm just so glad to have a before shot of some kind because this transformation makes me all sorts of giddy!

Also, you may (or may not?) be wondering why "the cove" usage. Our address has the word Cove in it and we love referring to our home as The Cove. I think it works. Or not. Oh, and photographing a laundry room with no natural light and is basically a walk-thru from the garage? Is challenging.


We went with a rich dark color (Sherwin Williams Riverway). We weren't concerned with the dark color in the small space because of our washer and dryer being white. And those popping against the dark color is perfect! We drew inspiration on our table/shelves from here and adjusted measurements and shelves to work the way we needed them to. Because we have a few cats, we needed to stack the washer and dryer to make room for litter boxes. I'm pretty sure I would stack them even if we didn't need to do that. This set up works well, gives us storage, a work space and something pretty to look at!

On the wall opposite our pretty shelves we hung up a utility clip rack. We couldn't find anything in a store that wasn't white or plastic. Or ugly for that matter. And that just wasn't going to cut it in this space! So we bought a 1x3 board, stained it the same color as our shelves, attached these awesome utility clips and hung it up on the wall. Functional can be pretty!


And we have eventual plans to install a barn door in the hallway. We removed the door that was originally there. With the door to the garage being in this space, it was entirely too many doors in a small area. We'll build the door ourselves and stain it to match all the other wood. And it'll give that hallway a great feature too! And please just ignore the light fixture in the hall. There's another one around the corner that needs to go too. All in good time...

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