September 9, 2015

sawyer: first day of 4k


Two kiddos officially back in school! Leaving me at home with one kiddo three days a week and wondering what I did with my time back in the spring. I'm guessing (hoping!) the house will maybe be a little cleaner on a weekly basis now? Or something?

When we went for meet the teacher last week, our normally outgoing little guy got a little (ok, a lot!) shy and hid behind our legs. Refused to talk to his teacher or his friends from last school year. So to say that I had a little bit of anxiety about how first day drop-off would go might have been a bit of an understatement. But you know what? Sawyer rocked it just like he did on his first day last year!

As we were getting him ready for school this morning, I went digging to find a pair of sneakers that fit. I think our middle child is going to be our beast child. At 4, he's currently wearing the sneakers that Cayden wore in kindergarten. Little dude's got some big 'ol feet. But no worries. We still call him our nugget. And he still gladly responds to the nickname.

P.S. That nose crinkle in the last photo? Heart melted all over the place...

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