September 16, 2015

a little taste of fall


The air has started to cool, the leaves have started to fall and the kids are covered in mosquito bites. Ah, fall, how we love you! We've never lived in a home with mature trees; our previous two homes were new builds. At first I was a little worried about buying an older home, but the longer we're here, the better it's getting. I actually saw a chipmunk scurry across our back patio this morning! It's the little things, people!

Anyway, with mature trees come lots of leaves. And while the amount of leaves in our back yard pales in comparison to many others, it's more than we've ever had. The boys loved scooping them into piles and sliding into them. Or just throwing them in the air. They even enjoyed using the rake and trying to put them in piles. We'll just keep making that a fun thing for them and they won't even know they're doing a job for us. Win-win!

We're already looking forward to the cooler evenings. The back yard even came with a fire pit, so we'll be putting it to good use this weekend to make some smores. The memories this yard is going to give us is awesome. So very awesome.

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