September 22, 2015

a camping adventure


Back in the day (also known as "before children"), Jeremy and I would venture out on little camping trips. It's been a really long time since we've been, but we both still love that adventure. And we want to share it with the kiddos. But we also kind of want to make sure they're ready for what camping actually means. We're a backpack/tent/sleeping bag kind of camping family. In the woods. With no bathroom access.

So. With that said, we thought camping out in the backyard would be a great test run for this whole family camping thing. And no worries, we'll be buying a new tent before all of us go on an adventure together. Five of us in a two person tent sounds, well, miserable. Ha!

Saturday night was our first practice run. Jeremy was going to camp out in the yard with the two older boys. And me? I was going to camp out in our king-sized bed by myself. Win-win, right? Except see, there was this football game on Saturday night that didn't start until 8:15. Which is already a little past someone's bedtime. By the time the first quarter was over, Sawyer was passed out in my lap on the couch. So Jeremy took him to his bed to sleep. And then by the time half time was starting, Cayden had passed out on the couch. But we'd already taken time to set up the tent, so Jeremy decided to take Cayden outside to sleep.

And all would have been fine! Cayden woke up for a split second, looked around, and fell right back to sleep. Jeremy had his phone so that he could still watch the game, but also be outside for Cayden. Except Cayden started waking up about every 15 minutes, sitting up, looking around and then laying back down. By a little after midnight everyone was back inside in their own beds, sleeping soundly.

I think we need a few more test runs before we venture out to a remote location. But the camping that was had, was awesome. And a little humid from what I hear. So maybe cooler weather should make its way here too first?

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