August 13, 2015

when big brother's away...


... and it's not a million degrees outside, it's time to go out and play! When we walked out the door to take Cayden to school this morning and I was actually a bit cold, I declared it PARK DAY and it was. We headed out around 9 before the sun got too hot and the two littlest played their hearts out. It was pretty much the most adorable thing ever. Graham followed Sawyer around to the best of his ability and Sawyer's big brother skills were glowing as he kept assuring me that he would keep Graham safe.

I thought the morning of playing and Graham skipping morning nap would equal an extra-long afternoon nap. Ha. Nope. He didn't even make it two full hours. But this morning? Was awesome and has me looking foward to cooler days to come!

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