August 20, 2015

the cove: front entry


I think we have three different areas that are technically in-progress, but this one looks the most complete at the moment. The first photo is literally the night we closed (and yes, that wood wall is awesome and was one of the selling points for us!). And for some reason, I have no photo of the front door in a true before shot while the walls were all that awesome tan. Y'all, every room in the house is this tan color. Except for the nursery. Which was painted in a semi-gloss (why?) in a greenish-bluish color. It's not a bad color, but it just doesn't work for us. And now I'm going off on a tangent. Every room will be painted. Eventually...

But back to the front entry! After we painted the walls an awesome gray (Sherwin Williams Light French Gray), I knew I wanted a pop of color on the inside of the front door. We picked up several swatches and had originally planned to go with more of a rust color. But neither me nor Jeremy were feeling it. It just seemed like it needed to be brighter. And bolder. And so we settled on this lovely shade (Behr Watermelon Slice). Every time I walk through, the color makes me smile.

As for other things to do in this area, I have plans to create a little backpack/often used bags & coats/drop station behind the front door. It'll really just be a 1x3 board with some hooks on it, but it will help a ton. At our old house we had a set of stairs and backpacks generally got hung on the banister. Here? We have no where to hang a backpack. With school starting back last week, I found myself a little lost on where to hang Cayden's stuff. Looking forward to getting that set up. And moving on to the next project!

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